Do you need conceptions and moderation for conferences and conventions?
Moderation come into action wherever people gather in order to work together, to talk about problems or to develop new insights and solutions. The variety of events is unlimited; there are meetings, workshops, conferences, conventions, seminaries, courses of instruction, training courses, symposia, informative events, dialogue conferences, hearings and discussion panels. The decision on what is most appropriate depends on the objective of the meeting, the subject and the people that are expected to participate. As an organizer, you have the contents of the event, we offer the methodical know-how to mold the event into one conception, program, script or curriculum.
And we deliver the moderation on your behalf to make your event an entire success.

Please describe your project:

  • Type of event

  • Subjects and contents

  • Goals to be achieved

  • Participants and basic knowledge of participants on these issues

  • Dimension and duration of the event

You will receive our program proposal for an initial cost of 260,00 USD per day of event.

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I am interested in a program proposal. I gave a brief description of my project.

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